Friday, December 4, 2009

Pleasant Solutions

Starting a software company has definitely been one of the most challenging and enlightening experiences in my life. Owning a business takes a great deal of commitment and will to persevere. I am a partner at Pleasant Solutions, a custom software development house. We have a fantastic team and it's a joy to come to work every day and collaborate with these excellent individuals.

Specializing in custom software development is a difficult road on which to tread.  Although we are able to produce high quality tailored solutions for our clients, doing so profitably is a major challenge.  Thankfully, having excellent people allows us to adapt quickly to a broad range of tasks.  Developing certain infrastructure components has been very beneficial to us.  For example, we have a hiring system that allows us to screen our applicants in a more accurate and efficient way than reading resumes.  As another example, we significantly enhanced the open source ActiveWriter (with minor contributions to Castle.ActiveRecord and NHibernate along the way) to meet our needs.  In fact, we have continued to make improvements to our in-house tool to the degree that our developers need little knowledge of the nitty gritty of NHibernate in order to complete even complex business and data modelling tasks.  Building knowledge and experience into a tool has been very beneficial for us.  When we do our next project, we can bring along our past experience automatically, increasing quality and reducing costs.

We're still learning and exploring all the time, and we hope to continue to share our talent and passion for software development for years to come.

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